BELLY BOARDS are thin flexible planning devices for your body.  Length and width of the boards are often determined by body size and the wide variety of waves will enhance or limit the design of the board, the same as traditional foam and fiberglass surf craft.  Therefore LONGSHIPDESIGN belly boards range in size but, are generally as wide as your shoulders and as long as your chin to your waist.  The neutral buoyancy of these thin wood shapes position the rider much lower in the water and require a certain amount of momentum before they come alive but, once in trim they are incredibly fast and work the tighter spots of a wave much differently than a “corky” board.  Additionally, the neutral buoyancy makes it easier to duck dive, allowing the rider to sit in the impact zone and have a experience more akin to body surfing.  Trimming face first inches from the waters surface, being”on edge” in a wave on just a thin piece of wood is a exhilarating experience.

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